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Enactus Regionals

Author: Takura Sbanda

Date: 5th March 2020

On Thursday the 5th of March, the Teesside team accompanied by our University Advisor Rubina made the short trip down to Arla HQ in Leeds to compete in the Annual Enactus Regionals competition.

The team presented current projects Re-Serve & Mutual and all the other amazing activities completed that Enactus year. Teesside were joined by other North and East Central Enactus teams like Northumbria, Hull, York, Sheffield, and  others.

The day overall was very enlightening as the team received valuable feedback on the presentation and annual report. 

The following week however we learnt that we would not be going ahead to nationals which marked the end of the Enactus year.

Looking back at the year the team got involved in a lot of activities which expanded the team’s growth and its member base.  We can all be exceptionally proud of the extraordinary effort and energy put into Enactus this year. We will bounce back next year.

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