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Enactus Competitions

Each year, Enactus UK university students Take part in a number of competitions  throughout the Enactus year. These include the Summer Action, ITC (Individual Topic Competitions), Regionals , Nationals,  and the Enactus World Cup held every September.

Summer Action

Summer action encompasses all the work that the team aspires to deliver in the upcoming University Year. It’s an opportunity for teams to outline their plan and receive constant support from Enactus UK Staff. At the end of the competition outstanding teams are recognised for their exceptional work

ITC (Individual Topic Competition)

Individual Topic Competitions are mini competitions led by Enactus partners. Each of these ITCs is aligned to one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and competing Enactus teams must demonstrate how their projects meet the criteria of each of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


Regionals is the penultimate competition prior to the Nationals competition, where teams divided across regions compete to get through to Nationals. Teams are given an early opportunity to present their enactus year to the judges emphasizing the positives, challenges and any outstanding achievements the teams have accomplished during the current enactus year.


Nationals is the ultimate stage in competitions it is where 32 Enactus teams come together to present the projects they have pioneered over the last 12 months. The competition is an exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate how they have harnessed business principles alongside social action in a bid to help change the world!

The Enactus teams compete for the title of Enactus UK National Champion through showcasing their community outreach projects to business executives serving as judges. The students are evaluated by how successfully they applied business concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve the quality of life of those in need.

The winners of the National Competition go on to represent Enactus UK at the World Cup. 

World Cup

The Enactus World Cup is a showcase of the impact that Enactus teams are achieving around the world and brings together an international network of students, academics and business leaders. Cities that have hosted the World Cup recently include San Jose, Toronto, and Johannesburg.

Teesside In Competitions

Have A look at the Enactus UK Nationals Competition

Teesside's Achievements & Results

  • Summer Action “Most Improved”​ runner up: 2015
  • National Competition Semi-finalist: 2016
  • National Competition, “Most Improved”: 2016
  • Tesco ITC Competition, 3rd Place 2017
  • Summer Action “Highly Commended” 2019
  • Capital One ITC Final Round 2020
  • Unilever ITC Final Round 2020

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