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Enactus Teesside History

The society was originally founded in 2012 back when Enactus was known as S.I.F.E (Students in Free Enterprise) and the society’s debut project was called Haven which worked on supporting refugees learn the English language and integrate into the British Culture. From that year Enactus Teesside began to grow and gain momentum.

The 2013 – 2016 period saw the the team enter Enactus competitions as the ‘New Kids on the block’. It also saw the launch of our well established project Save the Woman which went into female prisons in Nigeria to train them in Jewellery and Chalk manufacture which empowered the women to believe in themselves again and use the skills they gained to make a difference not only their lives but the lives of other women in Nigeria. Save the Woman remains the society’s longest serving project and successful project.

In 2017 the project branched off Enactus to become its very own social enterprise. That same year we announced the launch of our spanking new project called Freedge which focused on the collections and redistribution of surplus food to beneficiaries who don’t have ready access to food. It also targets tackling food waste in the North East of the UK.

In 2018 The society focused on re-launching the Freedge project and establishing a second project called Auricle which will serve as a Mental Health support group to support their beneficiaries through the tough times.

In 2019 the team rebranded their existing project Freedge to Re-Serve which focused on tackling surplus food waste while also providing beneficiaries with crucial skills and knowledge that will improve their food management capabilities and nutrition which will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The team also introduced a new project called Mutual which serves to reduce incidents of social isolation and loneliness in the Teesside region. The project team are partnered with Well-Being Plus who they co-lead and support group sessions. 

Meet Jaipal Our Alumni Mentor

"Jaipal" Enactus Teesside Alumni Mentor

“I studied Chemical Engineering at Imperial College where I was part of the Enactus team for 2 years! I had committee roles as well as Project leader roles during that time. I also organised Team Leader Training at Unilever HQ as an intern.

I am currently a Senior Project Manager at 3M.

Being a member of Enactus helped me gain team working, communication and leadership skills and it helped massively with job hunting after university.

Not only that, you are able to be a positive force of change in society leading life changing projects and you have access to fantastic training courses and networking sessions often sponsored by leading companies.

Enactus is recognised globally by many companies as a leading University society! Having Enactus experience helped me greatly getting my first graduate job at Procter & Gamble where I started as a Process Engineer.

I continue to engage with Enactus as an Alumni Mentor – in essence this means I work with current Enactus University students to help them achieve their goals through team development and training.

I would not be where I am today without Enactus and for that I’m grateful!”