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Participation in Enactus provides university students with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities, while gaining the experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. Enactus students are talented, hard working, value-driven leaders that blend a competitive spirit and desire to succeed with a sense of integrity and desire to give something back. 

Below are testimonials from  Enactus Teesside Alumni Members on why they joined and how Enactus has shaped their careers and futures.

"As the brainchild of Save the Woman, I chose to volunteer with Enactus Teesside in order to contribute my quota in developing support for beneficiaries to achieve their individual goals and aspirations. This has helped foster entrepreneurship and cognitive skills.Through volunteering I’ve acquired and developed:Problem-solving, leadership, communication and management skills. In addition, my confidence and analytical skills have improved. It was a great moment and amazing experience to pitch at the Diageo Great Britain Women Empowerment ITC Final on the 28th March 2018. I was really excited as Save the Woman was honoured to be one of the top five female empowerment projects in the United Kingdom.On this note, I will enjoin Students to sign up with Enactus Teesside, however my advice for them is to always remember these words “perseverance and total commitment”, they are very important because ‘an idea’ is like a box and not everyone they come across that will fall inside the box."
Olalekan Odedeyi
Project Leader Save the Woman
"I joined Enactus because I wanted to find my passion and knowing how my energy could make a positive contribution to the world. I wanted to devote my time and energy shaping it into a positive impact. Enactus gave me the chance to develop myself as person and find my passion and why I am doing things. I really liked to opportunities that were given to me that I even started my own team since I wanted to give these opportunities to others as well. What I learned is that students are frequently too insecure in what they are capable off and Enactus is there to show and support to pursue what you think is important for and instill confidence to let you know that you are able to do it"
Kenrick Ye
Project Leader Re-Serve / Enactus Twente Team Leader
"I joined Enactus when I enrolled on my master’s course at Teesside university because I wanted to get involved in extracurricular activities. I learnt that Enactus exists to improve people's social conditions, empower them to fulfil their potential, and remove barriers they are facing. Being a part of this great organisation has helped me improve my time management and organisational skills, increase my confidence in public speaking and presenting, improve my leadership capabilities, decision making, stakeholder management and most importantly Innovation skills. Enactus has increased my desire to become more entrepreneurial and positively change people’s lives. I can confidently say I have gained a large array of skills from Enactus that will make me a diligent and creative businessman one day in the future. I encourage Teesside University students to get involved in Enactus as it gives you the opportunity to learn new things, get involved in amazing projects, make a positive difference in your own lives and the lives of others, and develop a constant desire to always improve yourself. I do not think I would be where I am or have achieved the things I have and learnt if I never joined Enactus. It is a blessing in disguise so take on the opportunity and make the most of it."
Takura Sibanda
Enactus Team Leader 2019/20