Amazon Campus Challenge 2020

Amazon Campus Challenge 2019/20

Author: Takura Sibanda

Date: 14th May 2020

During the academic year the Enactus Teesside team enrolled in the Amazon Campus challenge with the hope of developing e-commerce skills and supporting a business launch their products. The amazon Campus Challenge is a competition that enabled young entrepreneurs with the opportunity of supporting a local business sell the products on Amazon.

The team identified Bowe Organics a beauty cosmetics company based in Darlington, UK who sell organic lip balm and lash oils . The team began working Bowe in early October when they were planning out how they could work together and the best way to get Bowe Organics onto Amazon.

The journey was interesting as both parties learnt the dynamics of Amazon and the documentation required to successfully create a seller platform on Amazon.

Eventually after submitting all the required and  completing all the required steps. 

The team successfully setup  a seller platform for Bowe Organics and sales launched on the 13th of January 2020. A huge congratulations goes out to Takura, Funso & Kenrick for remaining committed and innovative throughout the journey.

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