Enactus Teesside Intro Night 2018

Enactus Teesside Intro Night 2018

Author: Takura Sibanda

Date: 1st October 2018

On October 1st, the Enactus Teesside team hosted their annual into night.

Which serves as an icebreaker for many new students who have decided to join Enactus. It was an exciting time to meet the team and also find out more about Enactus.
This year the team hosted the event in the Southfield pub on campus which always has a great atmosphere. The team were also joined by Enactus alumni members which made the event more authentic

All who came got involved in some games and found out more about Enactus which led to all attendees joining the team.
It was an exciting event and we look forward to an amazing year with the new Enactus team.

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