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Why Join Enactus ?

Change People's Lives

Enactus is all about improving people's lives and creating sustainable projects that benefit those in need.

Gain Valuable Experience

At Enactus we face real challenges and create innovative solutions to tackle them head on.

Become a Leader

Enactus gives you the opportunity to lead a team. A good, confident leader is key to creating a successful project that positively impacts people's lives.

Boost Your CV

Enactus looks great on your CV. You can get a wide range of skills from leadership to marketing. Our Sponsors value highly the skills gained through working with us.

Meet Great People

Enactus is comprised of great, like-minded people committed to improving lives. Training events and the annual Competition provide excellent opportunities to meet such people from all around the country.

Personal Development

Enactus will not only improve your social skills but allow you to grow as an individual and tackle real-life challenges. You will have access to regular one-day and weekend training events on topics from business development to transferable skills.

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