Our Team

At Enactus Teesside we are a team of many teams – We run projects that we can be a part of and so can you. We aim to help each other and learn many new skills and new connections to help build up others as well as our own employment opportunities.

Detailed below is a list of who does what in the leadership of Enactus Teesside however there are many team members that work in the background as well as week to week on campus.

Stavrianna Chatzikou (Anna) – President

Anna is a third year student and third year Enactus Teesside member from Greece. Starting out as Project Member to Project Leader of Revamp, and now President of Teesside Enactus.


Bethany Waites – Vice President


John Chinaka – Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations I work closely with Anna and Beth to assist with the general running of the society. As CRE I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our business advisers and wider contacts so they can support the team through training, advice and mentoring.


Marco De La Chika – Head of Marketing

Marco has the role to boost the Enactus Teesside image across the campus and and make the team look as good as possible.


Andy Price – Our University Advisor

Andy Price is our faithful university adviser, in addition to working as the head of business and enterprise at the University, and as such knows everything there is to know about those two topics. He has been with us since our team’s infancy in 2013 and is always there to help us whatever it may be, even if that happens to be as storage.


Save The Woman

Comr Olalekan Odedeyi

Ola’s journey has taken him from Nigeria, where he set up Save the Woman, to Teesside where he does a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering to further his ambitions for the project. Save the Woman is literally his life and he is so passionate.



Houmayra Manik


Olivia Davidson – Programme Manager

This could be you!

Making positive change

If you’re interested in making positive change to the community, both locally and internationally, as well as developing your own skills and confidence, this is the place for you. Contact us today, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.