Enactus Teesside Projects

The projects are what make our Enactus team! A little glimpse into the project we have currently running. However, Enactus Teesside is always expanding and growing, coming up with new and innovative ideas to help others.


It started with a belief in a simple but powerful idea: that a listening ear and a sense of purpose could help us all beat tough times; that isolation and loneliness underlie the big problems in society:

* Poor mental and Physical health
* Addiction
* Homelessness
* Community tension

At Enactus Teesside, we set out to bring about more human connection in the world and quickly learned that when we look out for others, it creates the sense of purpose we all desire.


 The average UK family wastes £470 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been eaten, and £3 billion is wasted by food sectors. Despite growing awareness of food waste, there are few easy ways for people or businesses to get food near its ‘sell by’ date to others.

Middlesbrough identified as one of the most deprived local authority of 405 in the UK with a variety of vulnerable groups including refugees, substance-dependent and workless households (23% compared to UK average of 9.9%)

So… What can we do?



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