Enactus Teesside Projects

The projects are what make our Enactus team! A little glimpse into the project we have currently running. However, Enactus Teesside is always expanding and growing, coming up with new and innovative ideas to help others.


Revamp aims to help women who have/are experiencing Domestic Violence with help from the Harbour organisation. Revamp aims to help these women through therapeutic arts and crafts sessions, training the women how to develop garden ornaments from recycled materials in order to sell them. The women will also work together on marketing for their products and learn basic enterprise skills, so that they will be able to trade their goods on stalls across Teesside University Campus.

It is hoped that sister sessions will be ran with the children also seeking refuge in the shelter (not to be sold).

Who we are looking forThis project is ideal for those who have a passion for crafts or product design, marketing experience and would like to work alongside survivors of Domestic Violence to develop their skills.  Passionate students with a background in product design, craft, marketing, business, childcare, counselling or psychology.

Save The Woman

Save The Woman is a project working remotely in Nigeria helping large groups of female inmates develop skills through the manufacture of chalk and jewellery products. Alongside the development of these products, the female inmates learn business and enterprise skills to ensure they have the skills to attain work upon their release.

Who we are looking for: This project is ideal for those looking to develop skills in fundraising and grant writing or those that would like to develop their marketing and publicity skills in order to create awareness and sponsorship. Students with an interest in marketing, fundraising, finance, public awareness.

New Project

This year we are teaming up with many local businesses in providing students with market leading discounts with their favourite brands and providing a vital source of income for our projects. We will provide students with an Enactus wrist band at a cost of £4.00 and in turn students can use this to get up to 25% discount on selected brands and restaurants on the high street and in return retailers will get exposure on Teesside University campus.

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