Abi’s Campus Visits

Abi's Campus Visits

Author: Takura Sibanda

Date: 19th February 2020

Throughout the Enactus year all the Enactus teams have access to support and advice from their Programme Coordinator whose responsibility is to ensure all Enactus teams are performing to their best potential. 

This year Teesside one the 22 teams Abi looked after. She visited Teesside university on two occasions the first in November 2019 to discuss the teams progress and challenges. This was a very fruitful discussion as she gave the team valuable advice on what options are available and how best to execute them,

Her second visit was in February 2020 where she spoke to some of the team including one of the team’s  university advisors Michael about the team’s progress and the upcoming regionals competition which the team was preparing for. In the weekly meeting she talked about handover and how critical it is to ensure the continuity of the team. After which she supported the project teams in discussions about activities and funding. 

On top of this She held monthly catch up calls with Takura which helped keep her up to date with the team’s activities and how best she can support.

Abi has done an outstanding job in her first year with Enactus UK. Enactus Teesside wishes you many more fruitful years ahead. 

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