The Website Update 2020

The Website Update

Author: Takura Sibanda

Date: 1st June 2020

“At the beginning of April 2020, I took on the responsibility for leading an overhaul update of the website you are looking at today as a UX Developer/ Iteration Lead.

I formed a web team with the help of the longest serving member of Enactus Teesside John. I recruited key personnel for the big job like Jozeene, Tatenda, Vishak, and Liam. In the initial stages we set out on learning how the website worked and gathered the information and images necessary to for the website update.

Once we learnt what platform we would be using to do the development and had collected all the necessary information we set out a plan to complete changes using a Kanban Board in Trello. We have now designed and published all of the pages.

I wanted to congratulate and  thank the team for all their efforts.  I am proud I have learnt a new skill that I am sure to utilise in future.

The final website was assessed by our debutant QAs Nora and Liam.”

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