Enactus Summer Action Competition 2019

Enactus UK Summer Action Competition 2019

Author: Takura Sibanda

Date: 31st August 2019

The Enactus UK year starts the day after National Competition in mid-April, but all too often teams only really begin to work together and take action from the academic term in September/October. This means that a large amount of the year is not taken advantage of- 142 days to be exact.

The Summer Action agenda intends to change that, and enable every team to understand what they can do over summer and exactly how to do it to make sure they have the very best start to the new term in September and to welcome in your new members!

Over summer there are 4 areas of summer action, all teams need to work on, and they are 

  • Support Network 
  • Team Development/ Recruitment
  • Projects
  • Finance

All of these areas will then be compiled into the final submission which is sent in at the end of August.

This past summer action was memorable because the Teesside team managed to compete effectively and get recognised by Enactus UK. Th team went through a tough summer with members who departed which made it more challenging, but resilience set in and the remaining members stayed committed and delivered a successful summer action portfolio.

At the end of the competition Teesside were recognised as one of the highly commended teams that performed exceptionally well throughout the year.

A big well done goes out to the dynamic duo of Takura and Vishak.

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