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Our Projects

The projects are what make our Enactus team! Here’s A little glimpse into the projects that are currently running. However, Enactus Teesside is always expanding and growing, coming up with new and innovative ideas to help the people of Teesside.



“Provide Peer support which can improve your emotional health, wellbeing and sense of belonging. Deliver indirect benefits – such as self-belief, self-confidence and social skills – that boost employment and career prospects.”


“This project was created to enable those who are struggling financially get access to food while fighting against food waste.”



It started with a belief in a simple but powerful idea: that a listening ear and a sense of purpose could help us all beat tough times; that isolation and loneliness underlie the big problems in society.


Freedge was a project that was initiated after a thorough Needs Assessment into the Food Waste and Poverty Issues the UK was facing more importantly the North East. The project would serve as a redistributional channel for surplus food that was donated


Pathway was a project developed by Enactus Teesside designed to help individuals who are struggling to find work, by providing employability workshops and experience in a work environment.


Project Revamp worked with vulnerable women while offering them support and guidance through “the buddy system”. It aims to help the women gain self-confidence, inspire them to reestablish their places in society.

Save the Woman

Save the Woman is a project that worked with female offenders in Nigerian prisons teaching them “life” skills such as chalk-making and jewellery manufacture, alongside business and enterprise skills that will enable the women to obtain employment, an income and a purpose.


Haven was a well established project that worked with refugees in the local Middlesbrough area, teaching English and other skills so that these vulnerable adults may become equipped with the necessary skills to overcome their adversities.

Food Connect

Food Connect worked with Tickle the Tastebuds a soup kitchen based  in Thorntree Middlesbrough. The project aimed to directly impact individuals in the area, by implementing an Employability workshops involving CV building, while also providing them with nutritious food snacks.


Ark was developed to support children with learning disabilities by  taking them on regular trips . Which would create a feeling of positivity, belonging and social engagement