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For what was once ‘Freedge’; a project solely focused on redistributing food, is now Re-Serve. It was born after a crucial meeting we had with our partners Barefoot Kitchen who specialise in creating cooking classes.  After a constructive discussion they advised us to switch our project to a kitchen table project.  Now, one of Re-Serve’s mission is also to redistribute food, but, thanks to us taking a step back and reevaluating the whole project and creating a survey to support our needs assessment, we decided to redirect the project to also focus on reducing food waste and empower our beneficiaries by training them.

How Re-Serve works.

  1. First we collect food that would otherwise go to waste, via donations or our sponsors. We create recipes and food packs to sell. And we advertise our service and target students to sign up to our cooking classes.
  2. We arrange cooking classes, where we also record the recipes. At the same time we sell the surplus food in economic packs.
  3. This leaves us with redistributed food, empowered students with cooking skills, virtual cooking classes and the revenue from the food packs.

*Due to Covid-19 we have suspended operations.  We look to resume once it is safe to do so in the new Academic Year 2020/21.

Project In Action

Interested in the project. Now is your opportunity to join and add a positive impact to an amazing project Click Join Us